Frequently Asked Questions

Why might my order take 2-15 working days?
Your jewellery is handcrafted to order, some pieces will require hallmarking and this can take the extra time.  

If you need the item urgently, contact us, we may be able to expedite your order - 01782 450475  

I love my jewellery can I leave a comment?
Yes, find your product in the shop and you can leave a rating or a comment by clicking on the link underneath the "Add to cart" button.  We are also on Facebook - julielinnjewellery.
How do I keep my jewellery looking gorgeous?
The short answer is … Wear it often, it doesn’t want to be shut in a box, so let it out and wear it.  Other ideas include: 
  • Wash it with gentle detergent and an old toothbrush.
  • Rub it with a jewellery polishing cloth.
  • Every year send it to us for a good old check over and clean up and we’ll return it as good as new. 
  • For rubberfly – treat the rubber to a little oil – baby oil or olive oil – now and again to give it a lovely shine.  Rub over the silver with a polishing cloth regularly.
  • Try not to spray perfume or hairspray on your silver jewellery