Corset Collection

This signature collection, was inspired by the history of corsetry and the intricate detail of the stitching and fastenings. The handcrafted chain in this series is inspired by 'eyes' that were used to fasten corsets in later years. 

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Jane - Scroll Bracelet
  An intricate yet  easy to wear handmade silver bracelet, which sparkles as it cat..
Jane - Single Drop Earrings
Jane - Single drop, scroll style earrings in sterling silver with a swarowski gem to finish them ..
Jane Bracelet
This handmade sterling silver bracelet is inspired by the fastenings on corsets. Handcrafted by o..
Jane Double-Drop Earrings
From day through to evening, these double drop earrings are so wearable. Handcrafted in 925 S..
Jane Pendant
Sterling Silver Scrolls on a simple sparkling trace chain with handcrafted safe S hook fastener. ..
Jane Pendant - Special
A handmade silver pendant. This double drop pendant has a hammered finish which catches the light..
Nell - Curly Necklace
The silver shapes move and glint as you move.  Supplied on handcrafted chain in sterling sil..
Nell - Double Pin
  Handmade silver brooch/pin. "I always get comments when I wear this pin".  It's g..
Nell - Pendant
A handmade silver pendant. This double pendant moves and falls beautifully.  Set on a trace ..
Nell - Pin
Handmade silver brooch/pin. This pin is sturdy yet glamorous, perfect for your winter coat, wooll..
Nell Earrings
Inspired by corset bones and fasteners, these earrings can be dressed up or dressed down. Han..
Safety Chain
This detachable silver safety chain can be used on any bracelet. ..