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About Us

Julie Linn is inspired by everything you see around you. She just can't help herself, the detail of natural and everyday objects always catch her eye and spark ideas.

Her aim is and always will be, to design jewellery that’s enjoyed by the lady who wears it. Something beautiful, striking and unusual but still wearable.

Historical dress and ancient symbols influence each collection but this is only the start. Beachcombing informs the Neptune range; the fisheye clasps of corsets and bodices reflect her Nell and Jane range; the pendulum shape of water droplets squeezed from a pipette... every piece has a story.

These inspirations become the most thoughtful birthday gift to guarantee a smile; an anniversary trinket to celebrate  long-lasting love; or something special to wear each day, just for you.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted by Julie in her Cheshire studio using diverse techniques. From leather laser-cutting to traditional silversmithing with hand held tools, she adapts her method to turn sketches into delicate rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Her entire collections are design-led, meaning design without limits. Thoughts of manufacture come second to the look and feel intended and as a result, her pieces are distinctive and exhibited in galleries and at events across the UK.  

A degree in 3D design:craft gave her solid foundations in mixing wood, plastics, ceramics, heavy and fine metals. However, it was a past life as an IT training manager that was a surprising boost to her new trade, thanks to project management and process-led working - essential for any designer-maker.

Julie and her team believe in being upfront and honest with customers. We aim to help you to make an informed choice about a piece you’ll love